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We believe we can help change the way business software works and define the way it should work. Business computing, unlike personal computing, is still crippled with older technologies and historic methods whereas personal computing has seen some real evolution such as advancement in web technologies and cloud-based options. These technologies exist for businesses but usually turn out to be much more expensive generally making it more exclusive to enterprise customers with big budgets. We want to change that, we believe that by using advanced web technologies and new tools in the right way we can make software which will make your business much more efficient.

With our software solutions we bring these technologies to the mass market in an affordable way, which in turn provides that efficiency and effectiveness in the day-to-day performance of the business. Our aim is to give owners more time to focus on growing the business whilst we provide a more efficient and effective way of managing the business. With the reporting capabilities and the processing power we can provide the business has endless opportunity to grow and prosper.

Web Based

Making software on the web is a fundamental foundation for us. By designing software that works perfectly on a browser will make your business completely platform independent. Be it a Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablet or even mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Phones & iPod touch, it just works.

We run everything on our own dedicated servers based across various continents ensuring that your data is always safe, secure and always available. The whole ecosystem is robust and lets you be in control from wherever you are.

Powerful on every device

Designing things for every device has its own challenges. With our focus on responsive design and hours of brainstorming on placement of modules, we can now make things work on a low end device (phones) as they would on a high end devices (laptops). If your question is “What’s responsive design?” The answer is “A design that adapts to the screen it’s being viewed on”.

We integrate responsiveness even when our software is in draft stage thereby working on multiple forms at the same time.

Our focus on Hardware

If powerful software and superior design is the soul of the technology we are working on, hardware is the body and skeleton it needs to exist. We are working towards providing an end-to-end solution for our customers. We have already established relationships with hardware manufacturers in the Far East to create high-end devices running our software.

Since most of our software is designed to work on touch friendly devices, we are researching various tablets and touch enabled devices which are not only beautifully designed but also powerfully equipped whilst also negotiating a price point that will make these devices highly affordable.

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