Because branding isn’t just about how you look?

It’s about how you connect. More often than not, it’s just not a logo or a particular icon – It’s an identity you need applied to all visible items that reflect the ethos of your company. Whether you are an established company working towards rebranding or just a start-up trying to establish a strong corporate image we are as excited about your brand as you are. Why? Because we love design and we understand that brand is just not simply a pretty picture. It’s a reputation, an experience. This enables us to tailor make all aspects of your identity with your brand values embedded.


Objectified Design Approach

Because of our love for design & our understanding and expertise of aesthetics, we also add hours of market research and brand analysis to compliment our expertise. We look into the demographics of your target audience, brand USP, company message and other areas that might affect your audience perception. Combining all this we come up with a branding experience that doesn’t just look great, it connects great – with your corporate and consumer audience.

Our design goals start with pure needs and we add only items which are necessary and which still make the design work. We design things which besides looking great are super simple to connect with… We iterate and iterate until we come up with a branding and design that glorifies your company’s image.

Business Strategy Integration?

Most brands shout through advertising. “We are cool! We are the best. Buy us.” But the thinking of modern consumers has changed in recent years. They don’t get inspired by these shouting ads any longer. Consumers are not led by ads but they can be led by an integrated business and branding strategy and many brands have a big problem here.

That’s where we come in. We don’t start with ads and banners. We start with your business strategy and work towards your branding strategy through your corporate image. This enables us to finely integrate your USP’s and value propositions into your branding materials thus making way for a sustainable promotional image.
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