Enlightening you with entertaining information about your business.

E9ine. In a nutshell.

At e9ine, we want to bridge the gap in how business solutions work and how they should work. Our ethos revolves around making solutions which are:


We believe in bringing enterprise level software to the mass market and helping small to medium business owners have a level of capability which will enhance the efficiency of their business. We use software to present information and facts, which will help make informative decisions in real time whilst always doing it with an intuitive interface. Powerful Information wrapped with a slick interface that’s what E9ine aims to give you!

E9ine's Taxi Booking Web Based Application.

Our Approach

Here’s where we start.
Everything that our software has – every module, every page or interface it has to be entertaining to use. We want to make it fun just like consumer applications that you use every day on your
smartphones or tablets
We believe information can be very powerful if presented at the right time. Our software processes data to fill your view with information that’s useful. If its relevant and you need it then we make sure you have it! No information overload just powerful knowledge.

The goal is simple.
Make information useful in a way that it forms the foundation of helping you make business decisions. Our software assists you with facts you never thought existed.

Facts + Instinct = Better Decisions.